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The Social Vine is a social media based marketing company. With the use of influencers, we increase brand exposure, build a loyal following and generate traffic to your various social media platforms.

Our Ethos

To consistently deliver results and unlock the true potential
of all of our clients through expert marketing strategies by using our unique team of influencers.

Our Process

Brand Strategy
Appropriate Influencers

Traffic and Brand Engagement

What We Do

Consumer Engagement

Online engagement has brought about both the empowerment of consumers and the opportunity for brands to engage with their target markets online. We aim to increase Consumer Engagement which influences the way in which new and existing consumers engage with the brand/product.

Social Media Monitoring

We provide a Social Media Monitoring service which targets and manages your relationships with consumers with precision. Monitoring helps provide a greater customer service and detects buyer interest. Relationships are born and blossom on social media every day, these need to be managed.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is the extent to which your brand/product is recognized by potential customers. Brand awareness is our primary goal as this will lead to an increase in consumer interaction and potential sales.

Brand Showcase

By sharing our interaction with the brand/product, we will Showcase Customer Experience with special attention to target groups and social occasions.

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media platforms.

5 point success plan

Increase mentions online through the sharing of content on multiple media platforms.

Increase traffic towards website.

Build an online community through social media.

Help create enquiries and brand awareness.

Increase consumer
engagement with your brand.

Why is Facebook important?

Facebook gives you the opportunity to interact directly with your consumers and potential consumers. Through the use of this powerful media tool we can create an online brand awareness for your business. With over one billion users, Facebook is at the top of the social media chain. Our influencers will help you accumulate fans and create an interactive environment consisting of images (provided to us by you) and conversations lead by your brand. Facebook is all about interaction!

Why is Twitter important?

Twitter is made up of 140 character messages known as “tweets”. A lot can be said with 140 characters. This is an easy and efficient way to bring you closer to your clients. As a social network, the concept of Twitter revolves around the idea of “followers”. The more followers you have, the more your voice will be heard. It is about interacting with your potential clients by sharing “tweets”, information and business principles. This is also a great platform to share eye catching images.

Why is Instagram important?

A recent study done by Forester Research has revealed that Instagram users were 58 times more likely to like, comment or share a brands post than Facebook users and 20 times more likely than Twitter users. Instagram is the best social media platform for brands to reach an audience that is willing to engage. Consumers crave to visually share their stories, reactions and experiences – and Instagram offers a platform to highlight visual content.

Influencers are key

The most powerful marketing comes from friends, family, someone you follow or someone you trust – these are influencers. To reach the ideal audience for your brand, you must connect with and utilize influencers.
Influencers have crafted and lead their content to grow the following they have. Given guidelines, they can create content for a product or idea that will resonate with your audience and will leave a lasting impression. A typical influencer can reach more than 300 000 people with a single post, driving not only massive referral traffic to brands pages but creating real-time brand interaction.

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"78% of consumers say that posts made by companies on social media influence their purchases"